12 Beautiful Time-Lapse Cannabis Grow Videos

​There's just something ​fascinating about watching nature unfold into big, beautiful buds. So we collected our favorite time-lapse videos featuring flower​ over the course of their lives. Watch, enjoy, and be a little bit jealous of the internets best grow vids. 

This first gorgeous video is from reddit /r/microgrowery, and shows a 2 month flowering timelapse of Critical Kush from fuzzy grow (a long time member known for his beautiful time lapse grow videos). 

​Another submission from r/microgrowery (if you're not a member then you should drop in), once again from Fuzzy Grow. This time with Blue Cheese and LSD ​(the cannabis strain of course.) 

​Now it's time to get into a massive grow project within a greenhouse, and it's just like watching a forest come to life. 

​An absolutely gorgeous video spanning 71 days - this a rare and beautifully shot ​from seed to harvest.

​Big Bud Steve over on Youtube shows us a 40 day time lapse ​using a Raspberry Pi​ to help grow his White Widow and Northern Lights.  

​Not much detail here, just a simple homemade grow vid to look and appreciate. 

Yet another video from fuzzy grow - but it's just so easy to get lost in his collection. This time we see the deep blues and purples from Cheese and White widow coming to life.

​The final flowering stage of Tangerine Dream serenaded with the music from Halcyon + On. Another golden submission from the folks over at /r/microgrowery

​From seed to ​full growth - this plant is absolutely monstrous! Rumor has it they harvest 1/2 pound just from this one plant. I am in awe.

​A massive grow and a 9-week timelape of Bluedream by Overgrow​. Incase you're interested, they used Phantom 1000W DE Lighting Systems for this particular grow. 

​We've covered single plants to massive grows, and now we go microscopic. We highly recommend you roll a joint before enduring on this ​micro level timelapse journey. The only thing missing is narration from David Attenborough.

​Hilarious and clever - this is a must-watch, or a watch-again if you've already seen it. Using ​stop motion you can witness the entire growth period from seed to flower, and it's everything we've ever wanted. 

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